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About Us

Established in 1982, ATS Marcite was formed by allen "Tim" Stone. After troweling for another company, Tim realized that he had what it takes to produce quality work in the field of pool plastering and set out to form a crew that would follow his zest for quality and professional trowelmanship. Work soon began to filter in as his reputation grew and he has never looked back. Although, originating in Tampa, his range soon expanded to Polk County, where the local pool builders were unhappy with their choices in pool plasterers. By 1990, ATS Marcite was known throughout Hillsborough and Polk County as reliable quality pool finishers who could get the job done for a reasonable price. Working for both pool builders and homeowners, Tim has learned that it takes some extra care to perform a job that belongs on a construction site, while working in someone's backyard. Keeping clean while doing the job and picking up afterwards makes a big difference to a homeowner who doesn't want to pick up after a contractor.

Through the years, Tim has had multiple opportunities to expand beyond the one crew that we have today. Because of the quality issues that arise when the boss can't be everywhere at once, Tim decided long ago that he wanted to be a "custom plasterer" rather than a "production plasterer". He has always invited the complex jobs that another plasterer might simply "blow through" to get to the next job. Time consumption is not a factor. Getting the job done right is. To this day, Tim is still on every job in every pool. If you want it done correctly , call us. We have plastered thousands of pools and will treat yours as if it is the only one until we are done. We are not in a race to get to the next one. Try us. You won't be disappointed.



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