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This pool was an enjoyable pool to work on despite its size and complexities. The pool is located in Polk County FL. The property is beautiful. Consisting of well over 100 acres, it features a large lake, stables with fenced pastures and a wonderful home that is this particular family's getaway home.

A Handy feature for a pool in this setting is the automatic pool cover. It saves a lot of debris from reaching the pool water in the wintery leafy months.

The pressing of a switch causes the cover to retract to a cavity hidden under the deck.

The shallow end of this pool features a four sided spillover spa embedded into the steps. The top step provides room for sunbathing while partially submerged.

At 18x40, there is still room for laps. The deep end features two small benches for sitting or pool egress. Like any other large complex pool, we plan our strategy and make all of the details come together. Let us know if we can take care of your pool too.

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