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Project of Interest

This is a pool that I find myself referring to when I need to express what this company is all about. It is a project that was built by Griffin Pools of Lakeland, FL.


Sometimes, you get a pool that requires a significant amount of extra care. Despite the fact that my crew is capable of handling this size in a normal pool, this one was extremely complex in its design. We brought in four additional trowel men and an additional laborer.



Although we are capable of going to a jobsite with a small amount of pertinent information (address, color, size, etc.) and accomplishing a wonderful finished product, this project required extensive pre-site work. Which trowelman is best at what? How much area will each trowel man be able to cover? Site access. Wash out area. Clean out.


This Pool is noteworthy for another reason. The shear number of drains, lights, and fittings. The significance of this is that the plaster in question has to be troweled exactly to the edge of each fitting, creating a smooth edge that catches nothing. (Dirt, algae, feet). This is especially true with the caretaker system on the floor and in the steps. Too high and the water flow is deflected. Too low and the result is inefficient operation.




The spa for this pool was interesting, in that it was designed to be a row boat. Anyone who shoots shells can appreciate the complexities of trying to accomplish this. I look back at it now and sometimes think that it reminds me of an iron.


Pools with greater complexities will always consume more material per square foot than a standard pool of the same size with little or no features. For that reason, we elected to trowel the spa separately until we were sure of the amount used in the pool. That being the lone headache, the remainder of the job went flawlessly.


Notice the bench at the right, how it is tucked in behind the spa and the spa shape continues down into the pool. All trowel men looking at this pic will recognize the complexities involved here.


The grotto was complex as well, requiring a very experienced trowel man. the picture does not show everything that he had to go through. For example, stepping down three feet to exit without damaging the wall below.


This is the area that I troweled. Caretaker fittings, light, skimmer, bench, wall, floor, table poles. It was an accomplishment that I was proud to take pictures of.


Clean up time!


After its completion, the customers were very pleased with the finished product and invited everyone who had worked on the pool to a completion party. As anyone will note, the pool was very complex and took several months to complete. When in operation, the pool features lots of flowing water.




I have documented this pool in this manner to show potential customers that we are capable of handling whatever project that they might have in mind for us.

If you should decide to have us work with you on your project, you can be assured that we will give the required attention that it needs.

Looking forward to working with you,

Tim Stone



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